Present Status of the Bridge


  • Bridge is open to traffic round the clock except for goods vehicles, Inter- State transport buses and All India Tourist buses (only Three- -Wheeler-Goods vehicles are allowed at night)


  • Special repairs and restoration of bearings in the under-structures  have been completed


  • Mechanised trolleys installed under the Bridge are used for routine inspection.


  • Thorough painting of the bridge was completed in June 2005.


  • Total renewal of mastic asphalt topping of bridge was completed in December 2006.


  • Bank protection scheme around Tower Monoliths is being finalised.


  • Decorative Illumination of the Bridge Structure was inaugurated in 23.11.2006 and is operated daily.


  • Close Circuit T.V is being installed in the Deck level and under structure of the Bridge to monitor the traffic at the deck level and along the river.