Useful Links


v  Bridges around the world: Beautiful photographs of famous bridges for sale. You can download thumbnails by right clicking and choosing save.


v  Golden Gate Bridge: A wonderful website of one of the most famous bridges of the world.


v  Singing Bridges: Sonic sculpture, playing the cables of stay cabled and suspension bridges of the world some may find it a bit weird.


v  Brooklyn Bridge: Not a great site but has the essentials.


v  Brooklyn Bridge (2): Another site of the bridge, offers a virtual walkthrough


v  London Tower Bridge: One of the most recognizable structures of the world, note the commercial angle of the site.



v  Historic Bridge Foundation: Plenty of information on bridges, mainly in the US. The site has a section on engineering aspects, which the technical people will find useful.


v  Bridge Photos: A wonderful collection of 3D photos of bridges around the world. You would need a 3D movie viewing goggles to get the real effect, even otherwise a great site for 2D photographs

Ohio River at Cincinnati

v   Around the world in 80 Clicks: Has some great photos of famous bridges of the world. Which can also be sent as e-card.


Cast iron plaque attached to an old stone bridge in the county of Dorset, England


v   Rail and Road bridges around the world: Some unusual bridges


On a misty November morning